We’re All Bostonians

AJC On Air: David Harris show

Summary: April 23, 2013 - New York – The AJC weekly radio messages are broadcast on the CBS radio network, before The Osgood File. All AJC radio commentaries since 2001 are available at www.ajc.org/radiocommentary. The full text of this week's commentary follows: The Boston tragedy continues to loom large. Our thoughts are with the four families of those killed by the terrorists, driven by their demented beliefs. Our prayers are with the many wounded and now lying in hospital rooms. In a very real sense, we're all Bostonians. And that feeling of solidarity and common destiny has been evident in some other countries as well. In response to repeated acts of terrorism, Israel has developed some amazing medical techniques. Those techniques have been shared with many Boston and other American hospitals. As the emergency services chief at a top Boston hospital said after last week’s attacks, "About two years ago … we asked the Israelis to … help us set up our disaster team, so that we could respond in this kind of manner." What happened in Boston last week is another stark reminder that all countries and all people of good will must stand together. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ AJCGlobal. This is David Harris of AJC.