Baffling EU Hesitancy on Hezbollah

AJC On Air: David Harris show

Summary: February 19, 2013 - New York – The AJC weekly radio messages are broadcast on the CBS radio network, before The Osgood File. All AJC radio commentaries since 2001 are available at The full text of this week's commentary follows: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck, right? Not necessarily, it seems. Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist group, has a lot of blood -- American, French, South American, Arab, Israeli, you name it – on its hands. Most recently, Bulgaria pointed the finger at Hezbollah for a deadly attack there last year, only the most recent against a European target. But the EU hesitates to call Hezbollah what it so obviously is -- a terrorist group. Instead, it waffles, debates and delays. So, astonishingly, Hezbollah is free to recruit and raise funds in a number of European countries. Fortunately, some EU nations, including Britain, Bulgaria and Holland, are calling for action, as is the U.S. But they're still in the minority. Join us in asking the EU to list Hezbollah as a terrorist group and sanction it accordingly. Visit and follow us on Twitter @AJCGlobal. This is David Harris of AJC.