Hezbollah Belongs on the EU Terror List Now

AJC On Air: David Harris show

Summary: April 30, 2013 - New York – The AJC weekly radio messages are broadcast on the CBS radio network, before The Osgood File. All AJC radio commentaries since 2001 are available at www.ajc.org/radiocommentary. The full text of this week's commentary follows: Months have passed since Bulgaria implicated Hezbollah in a deadly terrorist attack last year. Weeks have passed since a Hezbollah operative was convicted of plotting terrorism in Cyprus. Not a day passes that Hezbollah isn’t tied to its terrorist-sponsoring patron, Iran. And not an hour passes that Hezbollah isn’t helping its ally Syria kill more of its own people. Yet, strangely, the European Union can’t do the obvious – add Hezbollah to its terrorism list. All kinds of flimsy excuses are offered – we need more time, more information, more proof. Nonsense! Years of terrorist activity have passed, the information is readily available, and the proof exists in abundance. The Obama Administration has called on the EU to do the right thing, as the U.S. already has. The battle against terrorism demands no less. Join us in advocating that Hezbollah be added to the EU terrorism list. Go to ajc.org, and Facebook and Twitter at AJCGlobal. This is David Harris of AJC.