EP261-OSD-My Soles Stay Dirty

OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder show

Summary: The OSD Crew is joined on Episode #261 by Jim Moeller of A Good Walk Unspoiled as we discuss Tiger Woods' new Nike golf shoe the TW14. The crossover appeal that Tiger's golf shoes have for 'heads who play golf and those who may never set foot on the greens, shows that Tiger and Nike are continuing to push the concept of what is considered 'fashionable' on and off the golf course. We're also joined by Schane Prados of Kick Theory, located in Duluth, GA, which celebrates their 1 Year Anniversary on Friday, May 24, 2013, with a party and tunes being provided by DJ Mars. Schane also gives viewers his tips on proper 'sneaker boutique shopping etiquette' and you're going to want to pay attention to many of these Do's and Don'ts because you don't want to misstep and be labeled a [you fill in the blank]! Contact OSD by sending an email to info@osdlive.com or @OSDCrew365.