Episode-1132- Zach and Jeff Aylesworth of BugOutTruck.net

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: TweetOne of Zach and Jeff’s Custom Built BOVs Zach Aylesworth spent the lat nine years in the automotive industry.  Before that he spent six years in the United States Marines reserve as a Motor Vehicle Operator.  He start prepping shortly after his return from Africa in 2009 and has been a TSP Listener since 2010. Jeff Ayleswroth has worked in the automotive industry for over 20  years now and has been the owner of a dealership for a decade and a performance accessories shop for an equal length of time. Together the father and son team are now building custom Bug Out Truck and run the website BugOutTruck.net.  They specialize in building and outfitting trucks that can take rough treatment and get you though tough situations.  They join us today to discuss what exactly makes a vehicle a “BOV”.  We talk about steps in outfitting your vehicle and what even “non car people” can easily do to improve the value of their vehicles for emergency use. We also discuss why civilian vehicles are often a better choice of vehicle for a BOV.  Choosing between big and scary and blending in and why there is a place for both.  Along with some standard items that are a must in any BOV.  We also discuss just a bit about their new TV Show they just finished a pilot of. Resources for Today’s Show… Members Support Brigade 13Skills.com Join Our Forum TSP Mint TSP Gear WalkingToFreedom Western Botanicals – (sponsor of the day) Harvest Eating – (sponsor of the day) Video of Our Hail Damage from Last Night’s Storm BugOutTruck.net BugOutTruck.com ToyStorePerformace.com Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.