When Being STUCK is a Good Sign

On Purpose Show show

Summary: Are you feeling stuck and unable to see a way out? Are you hitting the wall with painful life issues that nothing seems to help with? Do you feel these issues are getting in the way of living your big lifework purpose? What if being STUCK was actually a good sign… even a springboard to living your on purpose life?? Listen to our conversation with Leslie Nipps, NLP and Family Consellations Practioner, who helps people stuck and in pain get to the root of their problem and move forward with new freedom. Hear some of the effective approaches she takes. How a form of respect you might not expect can play a role... The central role your family can play and even how your ancestors can help. Leslie has travelled her own path of being stuck. Near 40 she left the vocation she had prepared all her adult life for. Because while the work was meaningful she didn't feel satisfied, she felt stuck. After a period adrift, the day came when she made a commitment to experience joy. She didn’t know what the road to joy would be, but her commitment and willingness to ask for and allow help has led her both to joy and to the On Purpose work she does today.