Find Your Calling – In the Time Between-Dreams

On Purpose Show show

Summary: Successful but “between-dreams” with work direction? Has a career or business that used to be satisfying lost it’s spark? Perhaps you’re in limbo; clear what you don’t want but without a passionate new dream… In this inaugural episode, Susyn Reeve interviews co-host Rikk Hansen, founder of Brilliant NEXT, about his 27 years guiding midlife professionals and entrepreneurs through this important time between dreams – to rekindle purpose and passion, and to discover a next lifework that’s really their Calling. Gem of Wisdom “A central part of you is already feeling the pull of your calling. You have a sense that there is something more… That there is something you’re here to do next. Trust that. Listen to that voice. Let it call you to a time of discovery. “Also, I believe that we’re given signs - that we’re guided in some way. A book comes that’s the perfect book, or a person that’s the right guide. Once you’ve acknowledged that you can’t ignore the calling, be open to the signs and the guidance. You are in some way being supporting in getting ready for, and moving towards, your next chapter.”