It’s NEVER Too Late – to Say “YES” to Purpose

On Purpose Show show

Summary: Ever thought that it’s too late for you to live your heart-song? What if you knew you're never given a dream that is too big for you and that today is your day to say, “Yes” to your on purpose LifeWork? Melinda Lee is the author of the Sexy Over 50 Book Series and at 57 she knows that it's never too late to say, “Yes,” to a LifeWork that is a clear reflection of your passion and purpose. In her early 50’s Melinda left a successful career as executive director of a foundation to follow her heart-song – to be creative and serve the planet while still making a living and pay the bills. Her path led her to Los Angeles where she become a commercial actress and she is now an author and Dating Diva for Boomers. She is clearly passionate about helping women on their journey to find love and gets great pleasure in assisting them with inside-out-head-to-toe-make-overs to get the results they want. Gem of Wisdom: “Sometimes discovering your lifework purpose is an ever unfolding thing – so don’t be too hard on yourself if something doesn’t pop right away. Keep the practice of being quiet for at least one minute a day, remembering something that maybe you’ve done earlier in your life that you’ve poo-poo’d thinking, ‘I can’t make money doing this, I can’t this…, I can’t that …,’ all these excuses. The more excuses you have, probably the more it actually aligns with your purpose! ”