TOO Historical Fiction 84 The Cat that got the Major’s Goat

Tales of Old show

Summary: By J.R. Lindermuth Read by Shawn Robertson Period: Post Korean War Setting: DMZ The cat stopped in the middle of the road and turned, eyes flashing red in the light of the jeep’s headlamps. The dust kicked up when Kim slammed on the brakes descended like a luminous halo around the animal, a specter transfixed in the white glare, so close they could hear it breathing. It stood but a moment, then it was gone. Major Don Dorsey stood up, craning his long neck and peering into the dark woods after the tiger disappeared. “Good God, Fenwick,” he said, “Did you ever see the like of that? And, me with only a shotgun!” Fenwick, the other American, squirmed nervously in his seat, tapped the Korean driver on the shoulder and said, “Come on, Kim, get this machine moving before he has us going after that beast.”