10 Ways to Qualify Marketing Help

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Summary: John Follis, Owner of Follis Inc., was a founding partner of one of Madison Ave’s most awarded agencies, Follis DeVito Verdi.  A featured blogger for AdWeek/AOL’s “Fuel the Future,” he’s also one of the few marketing executives profiled on Wikipedia. John’s marketing therapy program, Follis Marketing Therapy, helps small businesses around the US achieve their marketing goals faster, smarter, and more cost effectively. In this episode, John joins host, Anita Campbell, to share 10 tips that you can apply to your small business to help you qualify marketing help. Below are the questions we asked John: (2:28) John, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? (4:54) If someone needs qualified marketing help, can’t you just go to Twitter and ask for referrals?  What’s really involved in getting the best help that you can afford? (6:56) Let’s jump into these tips.  What’s the first way you would suggest that a business qualify marketing help? (8:08) What is your second suggestion? (9:51) Going back to your first point, where do you find someone’s work?  Where should you be able to look for that? (10:14) If someone doesn’t display their work on their website, should you ask for it? (11:22) Let’s go to the third tip you have for us, what is that? (12:19) What is the fourth way to qualify marketing help before you hire them? (13:49) What do you think about anonymous or semi-anonymous testimonials on their website? (15:05) What is tip number five, John? (18:01) How about tip number six? (19:21) What’s your next tip for us, John? (21:39) Share tip number eight with us, John. (22:39) And tip number nine? (23:47) Tip number ten? (24:29) And the bonus tip, number eleven? (26:30) Where can people find out more about you and your firm online? Be sure to check out John’s three part series, “Ways to Qualify Marketing Help” on our sister site, Small Business Trends. * * * * * Listen to John’s interview now by clicking the red and yellow player below