THE MOTIVATOR! Motivational Speaker and PublishedAuthor show

Summary: Hello World!!I am Moreno L Jackson "THE MOTIVATOR"! I'm so Glad to meet u! Your Cool with me! How the heck are you? Faith Good, Health Good? In Love and Loved? Good For you! My NEW FILM BE WELL! BE SAFE! BE U! BRING THE NOISE! IS DONE! FIRST OF TWO 30 MINUTE EXTENDEDS  TRAILERS AVAILABLE TO SEE ON YOUTUBE! The Film set to High Energy Music, tell the story of how S.A.A.P.P or Stop All Advancing People, wants to stop us all from achieving our Goals and being Happy and how I and SAR Stop All Racism do Our part to Defeat them! They Suck right?! lt also features portions of This show! Want to see this show LIVE? The wait is over! Yeah Me! BTR thanks for tuning in over the last Five Years! Please support my Future Endeavors by checking out my Movie Trailer... I need you! I Hope U have fun! That was the Ultimate Goal! ! Trouble finding? Type URL Be well be safe be u...on Youtube site! Get ready to Dance! I Hope you have fun! Thanks so much BTR for the years of Support! Knowledge is Power! Agape