Listener Questions That Will Blow Your Mind

The Pre-Med Podcast show

Summary: Episode 34: Learn new tips on MCAT prep classes, study techniques, the mindmap CD, personal essays for DO applications, and a recommended flashcard tool. In this episode, Dr. Dan breaks his usual format in order to answer listener questions. Premed Questions and Answers You have to listen to the podacst to get the answers, but here are the questions that he addresses: Do you have any new tips and tricks regarding MCAT prep classes? I got a 24 on the AAMC MCAT test #3 and have one month to study for the MCAT. Shall I go for it? I received an F in Physics in undergrad, but then got an A later in grad school. Do you think it will seriously affect my chances of getting into medical school? If I upgrade my subscription in the Medical Mastermind Community, what CD's will I receive? Where is the CD shipping schedule? I'm overwhelmed by the amount of material inside the Mastermind Community and on the Mindmap CD. Do I have to read it all? Thank you for giving me feedback on my personal statement. Should I comment on the philosophy of osteopathic medicine in my DO application? Here is the Flashcard Program that was mentioned on the show: ANKI srs