MCAT Biology 2/50: Digestion, bone, and muscularity

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Summary: Episode 37: This is the second in our Master the MCAT Core Sciences content from The first edition on DNA was a success and I'm happy to be publishing number 2 of 50 MCAT MP3's here on the Premed Podcast. At the time of this podcast release (March 3, 2012), I'm offering a free 30 days' access to the Master The MCAT program, and all of the Study Techniques and Dr. Dan's personal MCAT notes for positive reviews in iTunes, YouTube, and Facebook. You can get 10 days' access for a positive review in each place, for a total of 30. Even if you're just now finding this podcast months or years from the release date, you should still write the positive review! You'd be surprised how often only grumpy people fill out reviews so it will take a lot more positive ones than I ever thought to balance that out. Once you write your positive reviews in Facebook, iTunes, and YouTube, click on the Contact page above and shoot me a personal email. I look forward to your participation in the Medical Mastermind Community from that point forward! Best, Dr. Dan