00: Alphabet of Kabbalah Introduction

Alphabet of Kabbalah show

Summary: The importance of learning the language of the internal worlds as we work towards liberation from suffering. Lecture quote: "In the Gnostic tradition, we seek to examine the practical utilization of all religious, mythological symbols, in order for us to harness the very purpose of those symbols and aid us in our own development towards the perfection of our human soul. In other words, Gnosis relies upon the study of myth and theory to empower practice. This is the entire purpose. We do not study religion or spirituality as a diversion or as entertainment, but because we are tired of pain, we are weary of war, we are tired of being in darkness... Kabbalah is the language of God, it is the language of the internal worlds, it is the method by which all of the Buddhas, the Avatars, the Messengers, speak the Word. The Word, or the Logos, is that supreme expression of the light, which is a form of knowledge that is so beyond the intellect, it is as if we compare an atom of dust with a galaxy. This is why when we approach Kabbalah, Gnosis, or Daath, we become overwhelmed, because we try to comprehend a galaxy with the mind of an ant, and we are an ant floating in the infinite; we are a speck of dust in the infinite. The potential to comprehend nature, enlightenment, the Divine, exists within us, because we have the consciousness (the essence, the human soul), which is a particle of that expanse, a particle of the Divine. Within us we have an element, which is connected with God, but unfortunately that element sleeps, and most of us are not even aware of it.