Episode 1 Quitting Your Day Job

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Summary: It's the very first episode of Tweak! In this weeks episode we get to know each other a bit and explore the topic of quitting your day job. Have you been thinking of taking the plunge into the freelance lifestyle fulltime? Do you want to make money from home, be your own boss and-whoa this is beginning to sound a little too much like an infomercial. Tune in as we ask some tough questions and find out if we've got what it takes! View Episode Transcript When you're getting ready to take the plunge into full time freelancing there's a lot to consider! Below are the three questions I discuss in this episode. Is it a hobby or is it a career? Are you ready to be the boss? Do you have what you need? Tune in next time for part two in our discussion on quitting your day job, as we discuss some things to keep in mind if you've decided to make the switch.