Episode 5 Pricing

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Summary: This week it's all about the moolah! Setting your rates can be a real challenge especially in the beginning. I'll give you a few tips and figures to help you better establish your pricing structure, as well as warn you about potential pitfalls. Be sure to tune in next time for a lively discussion on project management. Sit down, put your feet up and get comfortable, because this weeks episode is a doozy! Although I do get a bit long winded, we'll cover a lot of ground along the way. As a quick disclaimer the views and opinions discussed in this episode are just that; my opinions! They are in no way rules or guidelines, and they don't apply to everyone and every situation. With that said, here's a quick outline of this week's episode: Setting your rates starting out Red flags to avoid Raising your prices Some helpful links: How Much Should a Design Cost? (excellent pricing article from Pearsonified.com) How to Set a Price for Web Design Work (About.com article) Good Design is Good Business (article from InfintieWebDesign.com) Make me a free website? (funny little animation of a true to life scenario) Raising Rates (good article on raising rate if you run a design firm) TheBlogStudio.com (rate sheet)