Episode 7 The Analysis Phase (part 1)

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Summary: This episode marks the beginning of our five part series on project process. Today we will be covering the first part of the Analysis Phase. We'll have our very first listener question, and then move on to discuss that first contact with a client and how to hash out a proper proposal. Be sure to tune in next time for episode 8, where we'll finish up the Analysis Phase by discussing how to write a contract. There's a lot to cover in the Analysis Phase, so we're going to be covering it in two episodes. Below is a quick run down of this episode's content: Proposal vs. contract The initial contact Writing a proposal Some helpful links: How to write a winning proposal (in depth article from creativepublic.com) Web design contracts: why bother? (an excellent article on why you need a contract and why it's not a proposal) Contracts and Proposals (good FAQ section from aw-wrdsmth.com) WebDevDocs (legal documents for web designers)