TIME- Our Timeless Secrets - Mahri Best and Harry Blum - Show 25

Our Timeless Secrets with Mahri  show

Summary: TIME - Mahri teaches us how to bend time. More important both she and I recongnize that "the Children are our Future". It is time to stop the violence and listen to what children are here to teach us.  Mix in just the right music and original poetry and just watch the hour fly by..                                         Shalom  Harry     On this show OUR TIMELESS SECRETS, you are catching just a glimpse of the mystical Mahri Best.  Mahri is a Certified Success Coach, Author, Entertainer, Public Speaker and Channel.   Mahri is ably assisted by  Aesophocles and Andante her personal spirit guides.  Mahri has been the catalyst for changing individual’s lives throughout the world. Mahri’s can capture an audience through her unique ability in facilitating individuals on how to trust their feelings and begin to take responsibility for lives. Thus bringing them clarity, freedom and peace. Mahri tools are simple, Laughter, Song, Original Poetry, her Spirit Guides Aesophocles and Andante and her Scottish Whit. The core of her message, is that we need to “Give Choice a Voice and always come from a place of “ Unconditional Love”.   For a daily Glimpse of Mahri  you find her on FACEBOOK at M  A H R I and BEST as in the Very Best!