Lighthouse Beach, Poetry, Healthy Sunshine and Nudist Expo 2013

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: Our new correspondent, Felicity from YNA, discusses Lighthouse Beach; we hear some poetry about naturism; we get more evidence that sunshine is good for you; Brian updates us on Nudist Expo 2013; and more! Links to items mentioned in the show: The 2013 Naturist Holidays Guide at the Bare BoutiqueThe publisher of the 2013 Naturist Holidays GuideAmong the Nudists by Frances and Mason Merrill (1931) in ebook formatYoung Naturists/Nudists America (YNA)Emily's PoemRichard Weller: Could the sun be good for your heart?Episode XVIII - Sunshine and Vitamin DNudist Expo 2013 Play Now Episode LIII