Music by Marina presents President Bongo (from GusGus)

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Summary: President Bongo (Stephan Stephensen his real name) is a great photographer, producer and sailor, but he's almost known to be a member of the electronic band GusGus since 1995. GusGus name refers to a German film (Ali : Fear Eats the Soul), where a female character is cooking a meal for her lover, pronouncing it "Gus-Gus" instead of couscous. After 6 records, short films and innumerable experimental music videos released on various labels since 1995 (latest on Kompakt), President Bongo has done remix work for the likes of Captain Comatose, Tim Deluxe, Superpitcher, Sigurrós, Ada, Bjork, Wareika and Super Mama Djambo to name a few, exhibited photographic projects and constantly produces something. Interview in english at Mixtape from his last Radio Bongo session in June 2012. Tracklisting : B.D.I. - Paper Tears (Tribal Tears Dub) Makossa & Megablast - Coming Home Get Your Money Man - Taste My Love Mole - Que Que Seuil - Don't Trust (feat. Dop) Isolee - Taktell Kölsch - All That Matters Nikola Gala - Only (Ryan Elliott mix) Nsi - Ring Mutant Beat Dance - Let Me Go Brian Eno - Dreambirds