Episode #05 – Productivity Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Freelancers

The Freelance Lifestyle Podcast show

Summary: In episode 5 of the freelance lifestyle podcast I go over some of my favorite productivity Tips Tricks and Hacks for Freelancers. This episode was recorded in my hot tub so please excuse the somewhat bubbly background noise lol. Sorry, I dont know what it is that makes me like making these in there, but for some reason I feel like my best ideas come to me when I'm relaxed. If it's really annoying just let me know admin at betterateverything dot info and I'll quite recording in there. Also, I don't plan to record all my episodes in there, just the odd one. Now back to the actual episode, I go over what I believe are the most distracting elements of any autocad user, freelancer and office worker. Hopefully I cover each of them well and in enough detail for you but if you have any questions please just leave a comment or email me any time.   Check me out/Leave feedback here: http://betterateverything.info http://thefreelancelifestyle.com   Follow my Twitter @bae_brandon