Filling Tables Episode Four

Filling Tables show

Summary: Episode Four of Filling Tables, the podcast that helps independent restaurants stay current on how to use the Internet for marketing. Sure your food tastes good! But, how does it look?  Do your pictures of your food look as appetizing as they can?  Do you need to spend big bucks to get a professional photo shoot?  Today, you can learn how to take great photos of your dishes (and your staff and venue), so visitors to your website will want to hurry in.  Taylor Young, 16 year veteran of restaurant photography and product of the New York Institute of Photography will share insights on how you can take great pictures of your great food. How satisfied are users of Groupon and other daily deal sites?  Do those daily deal customers come back?  You'll get some interested survey results, as part of "Dishing it Up," or news on Internet marketing for restaurants.