Tales of Old 52 Cowboy Left, Cowboy Right

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Summary: By Gary Ives (some of Gary's stories: Indian Agent, Renegade, Cowboy Luck, Can You Come Here for Christmas?) Read by Shawn Robertson Lars, Eric, Juanita, and Sandy and Peter Vestergard sat in the shady section of the Rodeo Pavilion at the fairgrounds listening to the school choir sing “Colombia the Gem of the Ocean.” The pavilion, draped in bunting, was new and still smelled of the rough oak timbers. The track below had been strewn with a dozen wagonloads of sawdust for the dedication of the new pavilion and the Fourth of July Parade. The year was 1928, Sonoma County was booming. The Vestergard family sat among the honored wealthy who’d donated the funds for the fine new pavilion. Lars’ Stetson, Eric’s hamburg, Jaunita’s ostrich and egret plumed hat, and Sandy’s new boater-- in their royal crowns the Vestergards did indeed appear regal, American Royal. Lars thought of Sandy, Eric pondered the placement of the new pavilion’s exits, Juanita prayed that this event would end soon, and Sandy wondered how Lars would react to the idea of planting vines at the ranch. He was certain that repeal would come and perhaps sooner rather than later. Most vineyards had been plowed under the year after Prohibition. Now his 50 acres of established vines were a gold mine, a positive gold mine. Wealth, he thought, is truly understood only by the wealthy themselves.