City Coyote Episode 1

City Coyote's Podcast show

Summary: A collection of unsigned and damn good musicians who are mostly from the Los Angeles area. Chapters: 1. Babies 2. Snorlax (introduces you to...) 3. Snorlax - No Juice Tryin 4. Tujunga (introduces you to...) 5. Tujunga - Tunjunga (Live at Mountair) 6. lovelesslust (introduces you to...) 7. lovelesslust - Makes Me Cold 8. Donut (introduces you to... and then just starts playing his song...) - H 2 Oh No 9. Coup Pigeons (introduces you to...) 10. Coup Pigeons - The Old Robot Packs His Bags and Leaves 11. Beru (introduces you to...) 12. Beru - My Viking Warrior 13. Marie Byrd Land (introduces you to...) 14. Marie Byrd Land - The Great King Arthur 15. My Name Is Dalloway (introduces you to...) 16. My Name Is Dalloway - The 210 East (Live at the Tribal Cafe, 13 Aug 09) 17. Ow!tro