Check, Please! KC Special Edition

Check, Please! Kansas City Podcast - Audio show

Summary: Check, Please! Kansas City is KCPT’s restaurant review show where host Doug Fost sits down with regular viewers like you dine and dish on their favorite local eateries. Each episode features three guests; each recommends his or her favorite restaurant. The other two guests then go and experience it for themselves. After the guests have experienced each other’s recommendations they meet at KCPT’s studio to discuss their experiences. The reviewers are not affiliated with any restaurant, nor are they food experts. They come from all walks of life—attorneys, scrub techs, self-proclaimed media darlings—and the list goes on. They live all over the metropolitan area, including one intrepid soul who trucks in to work every day from Baldwin City, Kansas. The one thing the guests do share is their passion for food and for their chosen restaurant.