The Judge Neil Show #413

The Judge Neil Show show

Summary: 413 Saturday, February 16, 2013 9 pm PST Sandy, Zena, Courtney and Jenny Satori call in to the Show. Nicole calls in on the old number and Judge Neil gives her the NEW number 4-1-7 8-0-0 2-9-9-9 OMG! Welcome to the Judge Neil wholesome Whoresome Hour. Would you like to be a vampire? Courtney asks about John2019s 6.5 incher. Can we call him? How about a pic? I met him on a fettish website. Let2019s talk about engagements? What if he sold his kidney to buy you a diamond ring? Courtney reopens her POF profile and gets some interest. Judge Neil offers his man approval services and offer2019s Cortney 20 stars if she can get any guy from POF to call in to the Show. Kelly calls in from work, is that a club? No it2019s Taco Bell. Wait she puts us on hold so she can take an order. David responds to Sandy2019s craiglist add to join her on the Show.