The Judge Neil Show #416

The Judge Neil Show show

Summary: 416 Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 9 pm PST Sandy, Rebecca, Bree (Don2019t ya just want to hug her and pet her and call her George?) and Zena call in. Rick calls in about his love life with his wife. She2019s not listening to the Show is she? Oh, she2019s out of the country? Carrie calls in about a new guy that just moved into town. Rebecca gets reprimanded for talking over Judge Neil. Lo calls in about her job again. Here we go again, Judge Neil, the woman2019s advocate and member of NOW fights for the right of women to go topless. Dawn calls in to the Show from her Oijah tablet. She is contemplating a move because she solved her sister2019s death. Ani from Georgia calls in about her mom2019s love life. Dawn the private investigator2019s second question is about the court case. Ani (she sounds cute!) asks about her love life. Danyell calls in about Dean and her Dad that just passed on. Bree aka 201CThumper201D makes a psychic connection. Ani asks about her vocation.