Tales of Old 55 Tommy’s Ambush & Fickle Finger of Fate

Tales of Old show

Summary: Tommy's Ambush by Teel. James Glenn. Link to interview on Pulped July 17, 2012 episode. Thomas Mahoney walked beside the O’Rourke wagon as it clattered along the forest road but he kept stumbling because he never looked down at the trail. His eyes were on Mary O’Rourke who sat beside her gruff servant Shamus O’Toole and shyly pretended to ignore the gangly Tommy. She could not help herself from acknowledging him each time he stumbled headlong on his face with a chuckle that was half-snort and half burp. Fickle Finger of Fate by Donna Marie Nowak There was nothing deadlier than a co-star with bad breath. Bebe Vance figured she had reached the nadir of her career in Filmont Studios with this screwball “love scene” that would make her the laughing stock of Hollywood. So Harrison said it was going to be duck soup from now on, a five picture contract, her name back in lights on moving picture marquees? He didn’t mention Liver Breath. Even if Harrison Filmont was top producer on the lot, “Emperor of the Throne Room,” and her bread and butter, it wasn’t worth it. This shameless ham Pierre was coddled like a Lilliputian among Gullivers, despite having been fired from several sets on account of his unpredictable temperament. To add to her humiliation, the public now pressed against the gates to glimpse him, not her!