May 28, 2012 - The Protestant Reformation, Couples Bible Study and Praying for America

The Bishop's Hour show

Summary: On today's show, Ryan Hanning, director of Parish Leadership Support of the Diocese of Phoenix teaches us about the Protestant Reformation. Mark and Melanie Hart tell us about their new book to help couples study the Bible together. Manny Yrique of Magnalite Catholic tells us about a special Rosary designed to help us pray for our country. Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted continues his series on the blessing of a fruitful life. The Bishop’s Hour is a program produced by and for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, presenting Church news and theological reflections, discussing contemporary issues facing today’s Catholics in Arizona, and featuring a weekly message from Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted. It airs each Monday at 11 a.m. on 1310 AM Immaculate Heart Radio in Phoenix. Encore presentations can be heard each Thursday at 9 p.m.