025 - Radio Filibuster (12.18.05)

Radio Filibuster show

Summary: "Somewhat Obligatory But Nonetheless Festive Pre-Christmas/Pre-Channukah/Pre-Hannukah/Pre-Kwanzaa/Pre-Have-A-Nice-Day Program" (54:30) - happy holidays - it just isn't the holidays without zombies - overachieved on our slothliness - braving the busiest saturday of the shoplifting season - old skool gaming - dip me in chocolate - hours at the shopping maul - holiday light display of rudolph being field dressed - the brutal murderous tendencies of santa claus - brawl mart - santa was diverted for crime duty - another happy holiday crime story - holiday etiquette: it's never too late - why holiday shop when you can holiday rent - foodstuffs that look like things: everybody check your funyons - the kinder gentler caring castro thinks the hurricane governor is el plumpo mucho - sniffing and snorting in science class suspends stupid substitute - here's a real gem: disaster tourism in new orleans - he looks like he eats small children - ronald macdonald steals from wendys - riot police break up kite flying event - disturbing poems of the week - is that a regular fa-la-la or a michael mcdonald fa-la-la? - kris kristofferson drunk and disoriented on a cable shopping channel - parting shot a la shatner - wrap-up