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Summary: Interview with Suzann Rye-bestselling author, speaker, and an internationally renowned expert on voice and performance training. Her work is rooted in her extensive stage experience—over twenty years as a performer and vocalist. As a coach, Suzann has helped thousands of people find their voices and transform their lives. Suzann Rye helps people find and nurture their own voices. She typically works with coaches, teachers, speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners,authors and artists to help them become even more inspiring, authentic and dynamic communicators. She also helps them empower their physical voices in order to avoid voice fatigue and wear. A large proportion of the people that Suzann works with are female entrepreneurs and professionals who need empowerment and encouragement in dealing with the ever growing pressure that naturally comes with being in the spotlight performing at your best, while tackling multiple other tasks. Her new book, Your Voice is Your Calling Card; How to Power-Charge Your Voice, Boost your Confidence and Speak With Joy, Ease and Conviction is the culmination of my many years of teaching and coaching and performing all over the world. She is current based in Germany but works predominantly in the US. Your Voice is Your Calling Card offers a virtual coaching course for people needing to tackle the art of authentic, joyful, powerful and inspiring expression, speaking and presentation. Many people suffer terribly from nerves and stage fright. This course can help them conquer these unpleasant feelings for good. On top, Your Voice is Your Calling Card offers a very substantial insight into the voice, how to uncover its potential and get the absolute best out of it. It is packed with information, tips, exercises and tools – and comes with amazing bonuses. Suzann’s approach is clearly holistic in nature, working with the whole person, bringing out the true, unique and powerful voice that resides within all of us. It is in this voice, she says, that we find the gift of self-expression and fulfillment in the highest sense and in this voice that we are able to offer true value, service and contribution to the lives of others. Your Voice is Your Calling Card is published by Morgan James, The Entrepreneurial Publisher. It is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for a holistic approach to becoming a much more confident, authentic, inspiring, compelling and charismatic speaker and presenter. It contains a wealth of knowledge and countless easy to apply tools and is both extremely practical and deeply spiritual. Simply Mind, Body, Soul—and Voice. Order you own copy of Your Voice Is Your Calling Card within the next 24 hours and receive over $3,600 in bonus gifts from experts around the globe. Go to http://www.yourvoiceisyourcallingcard.com