Mind, Body and Soul

Mind, Body and Soul Show show

Summary: Interview with Victor Gold who is a holistic health educator specializing in erotic spirituality. He has a private practice offering tantric instruction and sexual healing with his female partner Aimee Lyndon-Adams, in San Rafael, California. Victor has studied with Charles and Caroline Muir and Sunyata Saraswati. He has co-facilitated workshops with Maryse Cote, Deborah Anapol, and Johanina Wikoff. Victor has been featured in several instructional videos including Deborah Sundhal's "Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm," and Joseph Kramer's "The Best of Vulva Massage." Victor will teach you how sexual energy can be transformed into spiritual power that brings tremendous creativity, productivity, vigor, and greater purpose to your life. And, most importantly, he does it with warmth, humor, and integrity. We reviewed the following subjects on the show; Why did the American bedroom has become a “national disaster area"? 1. What is Tantric sex 2. How to achieve Unity Consciousness (Oneness) 3. What are Victor's Level 1-3 coaching programs 4. How do man can have Multiple Orgasms? 5. Why substitute orgasm(s) for ejaculation? 6. Victor's new book "The Potency Principles" www.sexualhealingnow.com