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Hey ya'll

-Two MXL 990 large diaphram condenser mics
-Two 6' fixed height desktop stand
-Two Nady 6' pop filters
-Berhinger UB002 mixer

Pretty simple, but it works, and if the room is dead, you can't beat the quality.

I've been doing this since 2004. When I started my setup was simple, but over the years it has evolved.

My setup:

Alesis Multimix 8
Audio Technica AT3035
2 Shure XLR vocal mics
Samson Que 8 Four Channel Headphone Amp
DBX 266XL Compressor
1 Sound Blaster X-Fi internal (Music Bed, Effects, Live streaming)
2 Sound Blaster X-Fi USB (One per skype line)
Public caller skype line, fed into Aux A, configured as a mix-minus
Private co-host skype line, fed into Aux B, configured as a mix-minus
Shoutcast, UStream, Paltalk for live broadcasting.
Adobe Audition, Garage Band, UStream for recording.

You may wonder why I have two skype lines. I am aware you can conference people in, but my co-host is remote. To have the ability to individually control the volume of the callers and my co-host, I put them on their own channels. To do this you need at least 2 AUX channels, set up as a mix-minus so people on skype don't hear their own voices.

Also, I like to have at least three methods of recording. Adobe Audition on one computer, garage band and ustream on the other. If one computer crashes, I'll have the other. If the power goes out, I'll have the Ustream audio online.

[URL=""]Here's a podcast map[/URL] It is now kind of out of date, since it doesn't include the secondary skype line, compressor, or headphone amp - and we're no longer using firewire, but it's a good insight of how we're doing things.

If you're a beginner - the best advice I can give you is this: Get a cheap mixer and a cheap mic. If they don't constantly hiss, that's good enough for now. Work on your content. The most expensive mixer, mic, vocal processor won't make you interesting.
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I like the set up - it's really helpful to share this kind of information so other people can get set up right.

If you get a new map please share that too.



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