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For [b]Mommycast[/b] at [url][/url] we use a Mac G5, fed by M-Audio Firewire 410, from a FocusRite VoiceMaster Pro, from a Mackie Onyx 1640, with two Shure SM-58 mics. We also use a Telos bridge for the phone interviews. We use Garageband for recording and editing each show. We are now using iTunes 4.9 and are using the enhanced podcast feature.[/url]

I also use an iMac G5, and a 12-inch Powerbook.

We use the built in mics in them and use Garageband to edit them. And it comes out damn good. [url][/url]

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For [b][url=]Unsigned-Podcast[/url][/b] we used
[list]Mac G5
Pro Tools LE 6.9.2
Reason 3
Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro
MXL 990 mic
MXL 2001 mic
and Feeder 1.2[/list]

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I'm new here and this looked fun.

I use:
ibook g4
griffin imic
Behringer UB802
Behringer XM8500 (upgrade soon because I need a second mic)
sony clie th55 (line in to manage intros sweepers etc)
record and edit with garage band

Nice simple set up

daryl and kuma

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To record the presentations at the Toronto Perl Mongers ([url][/url]) I use a cheap lapel microphone directly into my non-name laptop and use either Audacity or a simple recorder software to capture it.

Then I use audacity for post production... background noise removal, click removal, questionable content removal, and the addition of intro and trailer music and voice over.

I tried an inexpensive wireless microphone, and It got overloaded by all the local FM radio transmitters. And I'd like to have a seperate mic for audience participation, but I'd like to record that as a second channel, but that would mean some 'other' kind of audio input device for my laptop (that accepts mic level inputs) that I don't currently have.

Its nowhere near the greatest, but its better than nothing!

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useful for me, thanks!

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I am using Mac 5 ..And I am satisfied with this..

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