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Hello. I'm glad I found this forum as I am working for a student organization looking at doing live podcasts. I really have no idea where to start.

My question is, What Equipment do I need to do a podcast for a large room with about 50-80 people in it? Only one person speaks at a time but I imagine I will need multiple microphones and devices.

Our organization has conferences across our state and I need something I can set up in a couple of hours or less in each room.

Any suggestions?

I haven't done this before, but I think what you need is something like the following:

a multichannel wireless mic system, probably 4 channel so you can run four wireless mics at the same time.

You would then plug those into a mixer, so you will need a mixer with at least 4 channels, then you will need to connect the mixer to a PC for recording and to do that you will want a USB interface.

Set up should be pretty simple so it should not take to long.

You may also want to get a wireless lav mic for the speaker.

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Thank you all members of this post for sharing so much information about podcast . Actually I am new in Pod casting so I don't know anything about this topic .After reading your post I know so many new things about pod casting .This is all because of you.

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