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I'm trying to get improve my podcast. Right now I really hate the fact that they sound like I recorded them in my bathroom. When I listen to some other peoples podcast it sounds good and clear. I know some people are using a studio room or whatever but still I can't go all out like that yet.

I've been thinking about picking up a reflection filter like one of these [url=]AE-F reflection filter[/url]

To see if it will help my cast sound a little bit more professional. I know most people use them for singing or whatever but do you think it would work well for a podcast too?

Lillian, I just found your post. Here' how I solved that problem for two dollars:


Hope you can do something similar!

---Dan, [url][/url]

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Awesome link! Thanks! :)

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No i am not using this currently but I am thinking for using this in future...

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Reflexion Filter is a practical accessory for portable recording, which in a very elegant way of solving the problem of reflection space. Because of its efficiency and versatility, but also very affordable price has become an integral part of the mandatory recording equipment in my studio. The filter is one of those things which are rarely found, bought and used once for a lifetime,for outstanding sound quality when recording vocals without compromise.

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