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I've started doing a lot of podcasts from local events, so I needed a really mobile rig. Then I saw [URL=""]iRig Mic[/URL] and instantly knew that was just what I was looking for. The quality is superb, on par with what I'm getting in my studio, all on my phone.

The coolest part of the mic is it is an electret condenser, so it has it's own infinite power, and it has 3 output levels. The first sounds like a -20dB pad to me, the second is normal output, and the third is amplified and compressed, which is perfect for recording from a distance, or capturing the sound from a whole room.

I just got mine and it sounds awesome! Clean, clear and way better than the built in mic! You'll love it and won't regret it! :D

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Ok, I got the iRig Mic today!
I've been playing around with it for a few hours.
First of all, I can say it is a huge improvement over the built in mic.
It really makes the iPhone a viable portable recorder. The more I use it, the more possibilities I discover.
It has 3 different sensitivity settings. One for really loud sources, either a 20dB pad or perhaps it effectively turns it into a dynamic mic.
Then there is the normal setting. This has a lot of details and volume, and a pleasant sound. You really know it is a condenser mic when you use it like this.
Finally, there is an amplified setting. The mic is very sensitive on this setting, and will pick up the whole room, amplifying quiet sounds from across the room you normally couldn't hear. These 3 different modes make it function like 3 different mics with 3 distinctly different purposes.

Overall, I am very impressed. And considering it’s less than $60, it is pretty amazing.

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I found a similar entry on a completely different web site and did not really get it, but this posting explains it greater. Enjoy it! =-=

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