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Hi all, here is my set up for up to a 4 mic podcast:

-Apple G4 12" PowerBook running OSX 10.4.5 and GarageBand 3
-4 Sennheiser E835 dynamic mics, cables, boom stands
-50' 6 channel snake
-Alesis 8USB mixer

Pretty simple really, the mics go into the snake, the snake into the mixer. I like using a snake so I am not sitting on top of the podcasters. I can set up a ways away and not have any interference.

The Alesis is a great little mixer and the USB feed is very clean. I have my GB set up with some custom AU filter settings for the mic track, AUGrapicEQ and AUMatrixReverb, then the secret sauce of the output is to put the AUMultibandCompressor filter on the master out track. This is a little known recording trick that can take a so so recording and clean it up... a lot.

I also have the Blue Mic Snowball USB condensor mic for simple podcast setups and it works very well. Again, some custom AU filtering to really ring it out and you are set.

From the simple to the complex, the main thing in Podcasting is to find the set up that will work for you and give you what you want in the output. But as in anything, the content still has to be there, that never changes!!



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