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I really enjoyed this podcast about wine. Tim Elliott, the host of Winecast, does a very nice job of focusing on some interesting topics and then getting to the point.

The podcast ran just under 15 minutes and gave an nice overview of Pinot Noir. Tim provides the background story on Pinot Noir - where it comes from, the best growing environments, etc. Very interesting comments. Tim then goes on to review a few Pinots in the $10-$20 range. Really well done.

Tim does not stop at reviewing wines - He also gives us a great review of the movie Sideways, which revolves around wine.

Previous podcasts have covered:Dolcetto, Riesling,Shiraz and more. Next he takes on Chianti. I'll be listening.

You can find this podcast at or in Digital Podcast's Food and Beverage section:

I agree with Alex....this is one of my very favorite PodCasts, and in fact is the one show that got me personally interested in PodCasting (which in turn, helped to inspire me to produce my own show about my own personal "passion": running).

Tim does an outstanding job, is very informative. The only constructive criticism that I have is that, in some of his earlier programs, he had too many “Uhhhs” (something we’re all guilty of)….having said that, however, the content of his programs far outweigh this single issue, and I look forward to his “Winecasts”….always bumping them to the top of my “must listen to” list.

I’ve learned more about wine from Tim’s “WineCast” than in all my years of enjoying wine. He’s interesting, and the program is very well produced. I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and subscribe to WineCast. You will not be disappointed.


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