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I like this one... :-) Check it out... maybe you like it too:

Below is what Decemember 11th's show was about.... check out "[b]The Allen Bishop Show[/b]" every Wednesday and Sunday before Midnight...

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Go to the homepage and look at the other shows... You will definately find the content current and controversial - the humor and commentary make the listen worth the while - very entertaining! I hope you enjoy....


[b]SUNDAY 11 DEC 2005 (RT: Aproximately 60 minutes)[/b]

Still with a smidgeon of "Chris"; Circumcision or mutilation; Caucus status "too white"; Humps of the week - [b]YOU DECIDE[/b] ([u]listen and leave a comment![/u]); Revoke US citizenships of natural born Americans; Presidential ratings: [b]FIND OUT HERE[/b]; New tax cuts passed; Des Moines PD forgets to protect and serve in ridiculous incident; CSI Des Moines frozen-feet held in fire; Activist investors investigated; The rain forest is homeless; Cat Stevens; Law = only energy efficient equipment; Richard prior dead at 65; Sony patch opens users to malicious attacks!; Japanese X-Box is a matter of national pride; Video Game top ten reference; Apple form and function is still a winner; PC like-platform better than windows!; Porn stays away from I Pod; Don't watch porn when you drive; G-mail updated; Rocket Boom; Gamers do more better-study proves; Continental-ist CRAP; and much, much more!