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Adult comedy. Generally R rated, but occasionally X rated. :shock: Nasty and raunchy at times. Topics on a recent podcast included some comments on the iPod shuffle, some radio porn, and other random subjects that the husband and wife team chat about.

If you like this kind of podcast, their podcast is worth trying.

Podcast about every other day. Length about 30 minutes

Mind you, reviewing any show in the top 20 is somewhat pointless, but I'll add that much of the appeal of the show arises from the obvious affection between Dawn and Drew: they're funny, and they're cute. Their banter is constantly charming.

However, I wish they weren't so "raunchy & nasty" so much of the time.

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I really enjoy the Dawn and Drew show. They're fun to listen to.

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Sorry, the dawn and drew show sucks...It's like going to a party and getting stuck in a conversation with a mushroom girl who won't shut up and tries to say raunchy stuff to get your attention.

There's nothing clever about their show and although their interaction is cute I wish they were interesting enough people to actually keep me entertained while I listen to them.

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Can anyone who likes this show please let me know why? I have listened to the places where one can lose a ping pong ball and fake orgasms, and although I am definitely not shy when it comes to sex talk, simply do not understand their appeal.

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welcome to the club george....

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