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In this podcast, Jason White interviews Sharon Richter.

"Sharon Richter is a Nutritionist with a practice in New York and she delivers for us an amazing talk that destroys the myth behind how and what to eat for health and weight loss."

Good quality podcast with a useful discussion on what to eat and drink for health. I enjoyed the podcast and learned a few new things.

However, little on the long side at 36+ minutes and the ending seemed dropped off without a real close to the show.

Also the title of the podcast - EXMICSharon.MP3 could be more descriptive and the show needs to add tags to the mp3 so that it shows up as a podcast in iTunes.

well..its not clear really on what are you myth you are talking about. People are weight conscious and can do anything to reduce weight. For all those weight conscious people, I see a lot of people mostly overweight, I guess..using this forum [url][/url] to discuss about weight loss issues. I'm myself a member there. :)

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