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Andy McCaskey, the host of Slashdot Review, produces a really nice 10 minute podcast that reviews the top stories from Slashdot. I've started listening to this podcast and its become one of my regular listens. The information is short and to the point. There is a new podcast every weekday and a weekend summary podcast. Every podcast closes with a Garage Band single.

If you like to keep up to date with Slashdot - Andy is a great help. Slashdot Review is not related to Slashdot in any way, other than as a regular reader. Definitely worth a try for the tech interest group.

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I suppose Slashdot Review might be a handy resource for the vision impaired, but simply reading the slahsdot headlines is hardly a valuable service for most of us. I subscribed to this for a week, but then it occured to me, why spend ten-fifteen minutes on something that can be scanned for interesting content visually in 20 seconds.

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