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Omg i love "S.O.S." by Rihanna's. loved pon de replay? this one is hot. its not as upbeat as pon de replay but its still really RIHANNA. im cant wait for her new album "A Girl Like Me" to come out in april 25th THIS 10 days!!!!. for those of u who haven't heard SOS click on one of the links below: Audio Links for S.O.S. (Rescue Me) by Rihanna: 1: [url][/url] (Windows media high) - (Audio) 2: [url][/url] (Windows media low) - (Audio) 3: [url][/url] (Real media high) - (Audio)

....yeah -- I thought I'd pipe in and say that people are getting sick of the same old rock/hip-hop/r&b bullsh*t..... and there is just this big upsurge from a new style coming out of Europe -- it's pretty easy to find, just put 'euro club hits' into itunes or check this link: [url][/url]

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I'm kind of into Rihanna but realized pretty recently that her recent album is mostly a rip-off of current european dance styles -:rolleyes: - like check this list on itunes [url][/url]

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