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I would be very grateful for anyone who could critique my podcast.

I've been podcasting for about 3 months now. My podcast is called Not Another Tech Podcast. The name embraces the fact that we are aware that there are a million and one tech podcasts out there, and that we are just another one in the mix. We record in a studio provided by Crain Communications. We provide the latest tech news along with our views on the topics, while trying to make it entertaining at the same time (we don't want anyone falling asleep on us). Our show is directed toward anyone from the slightly interested to the tech savy. Besides tech we also like to cover the latest buzz news that revolves around the internet.

I would like anyone who is willing to take a listen and a look to us and tell us what we do right and things that we should change. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

When critiquing I would like you to take a look at our show format, how informative, and how entertaining. Also take a glance at our website and let us know what you think of the design and layout.

Again thanks for the help.

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iTunes page: [url][/url]

Like the content, but is seems a bit slow and rambling. You should do a little more prep. Put together your outline and move through it more quickly. I have lots of podcasts to listen too and need something with a faster pace.

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