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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 508 Thursday May 9th 2013 8pm Pacific Time
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Ever have a conversation with yourself to get yourself to workout? That is the topic on today's show along with what crazy new device Amazon is working on and why having dogs around is a good idea.

Today we hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino, and Bison Bentley, PLUS we bring you the segment MASTERPOD THEATER where we hear an interesting production involving a mouth and a fat. The script from that is reproduced below.

Tomorrow we bring you the segment THE BOTTOM OF THE CHARTS! Plus we'll hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer!

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The Mike’s Daily Podcast Players present…

The Conversation Mike’s Body Has With Him When He Goes to Work Out…

Okay…here we go…I’m going to do some pull ups, some push ups, sit ups, lift some weights, and do some burpees.

Mike, I wouldn’t do that!

Who’s that?

It’s your body. I am the one you need to talk into doing all the aforementioned activities. Especially, burpees. Are you really going to drink a soda before working out?

No, body, burpees are when you, starting from a standing position, jump down to do a push up the jump up and clap your hands. I touch the ceiling since my living room is too low.

That’s ridiculous. What a complete waste of time. By the way my name’s not body!

What is it?



Just kidding, no my name is not body, it’s Louis CK.

What? The comedian?

Yes, I am named after the funniest man on Earth.


Have you taken a look in the mirror lately?

Okay, that’s disturbing.

Let it inspire you to mould your body into the temple you want it to be.

Okay, I will, Louis CK.

Best show ever!

Never seen it. Listen, the sooner I get this work out started the sooner I get this over with.

Fine, you’re just doing all those exercises once, right? And then we eat Der Weinerschnitzel?

What? When was the last time we ate there? Seriously, marriage did one good thing for me, it taught me not to eat there any more.

Yeah, when you were single you ate there like it was your own kitchen…but with really unhealthy food every where.

Yes, but I do love the A-frame stand alone Der Weinerschnitzel buildings.

Why did you just say that?

Because if that DID have to be my own kitchen, I would want it to be such a nifty shaped building.

Okay. Fine. So you’re doing all those exercises once and we’re done.

No, we do them 3 times. 3 sets if you will.

What the f*%#? Are you crazy? We’ll never eat junk food at this rate.

That’s right, Louis CK. Remember, I don’t want to be him, right?

Why not? He’s friends with Chris Rock.

That’s fine, I wouldn’t mind being as well known as him, or even just plain known, but I don’t want to be the fat 40 something. I aspire for healthiness and fewer rolls.

Be that way.

With your help, hopefully I will.

Well then…let’s get to it. Do we burp first?

No, burpees come a little later once we’ve warmed up a little. What music do you want to listen to?

Anything but Bon Iver.

Well we agree on one thing.

You have been listening to MASTERPOD THEATER and the Mike’s Daily Podcast Players production of The Conversation Mike’s Body Has With Him When He Goes to Work Out. Brought to you by the new movie Iron Man 3 in theater everywhere and reducing people’s eyeball into overstimulated glazed over orbs of dust everywhere.