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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 407 Thursday November 8th 2012 12pm Pacific Time
"Internet Talk Radio For Your Imagination!"

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Thursday's are the day before trash day here at The Last Place on Earth so I always have to remind myself to put the cans on the curb. Oh, we don't have cans anymore. It's those big plastic drums on wheels. So convenient. Remember having to carry cans? Lifting them and dropping them at the curb then finding the neighborhood brats knocking them over before the trash truck came? Love those drums on wheels. Thank you, person who invented those! You're awesome!

Today we hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer, PLUS we bring you the segment WOW, SCHATZ, WOW! where we look at some unbelievable things that have emerged from this election.

Tomorrow we bring you the segment NEWS RANDOM, plus we hear from Benita, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, and the Brewmaster.

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