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MIKE's DAILY PODCAST effizode 580 Saturday October 19th 2013 9pm Pacific Time
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Did you hear about that idiot Boy Scout leader that knocked down that famous rock formation in Utah? What the heck? In the video he said that he was doing it so that kids wouldn't get hurt. Can we just go ahead and knock down this idiot's house? And drop a boulder on his car? Oh, he probably drives a truck. What an idiot. He should never be allowed in any park ever again!

Today we hear from Benita, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, and the Brewmaster, PLUS we bring you the return of the segment NEWS RANDOM where we look at some recent news stories about our society that you probably didn't hear about.

TUESDAY we'll bring you the return of the segment INTO AN INTERVIEW where I'll talk to the absolutely beautiful NIKKI ENGLISH who sings for the new Canadian Country Band WESTERN AVENUE, plus we'll hear from Madame Rootabega, Valentino, and Bison Bentley!

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