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If you are from the 562 area of SoCaL, have a podcast, and would like to be SPOTlighted "LBweekly by KaRi" inside the VIEW FROM THE HILL Newspaper, please contact me! KaRi

Who are you? And why are you trying to sell domains that you do not own or have the owner's permission to sell? is NOT your domain and it is most definately NOT for sale.

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I own and and I had an idea just like yours!

Since I don't know how to make a website and have $0 to pay anyone, feel free to promote YOUR SITE on

TPS is all about The 562 ie. Long Beach, CA and surrounding areas). However I'll make an exception for you, ! I am trying to EDUCATE my neighborhood(s) about podcasting!

ALSO, please note that the View From the Hill is no longer in print. Sad, but true! I told the owner he should develop his website and ... podcast!

Lastly, I barely have money to eat so I doubt I'll be renewing those domains I mentioned, you might want to scoop them up when they expire...

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If you are from Long Beach, CA The LBC, The 562
and you podcast, join

See you at !

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