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Hi guys,

Thanks for checking out our post.

I saw someone on here earlier saying they were the first Indian feed and wondering what people thought of it. Great, I thought and decided to post a message of my own.

iPod Traveller. We are the first travel programme on the web (well almost). Or, at least if not the first the best. No honestly, we think our show is quite amusing and we hope you do to. Its all about travel in Europe and its hosted by a Guardian Travel Netjetter and Gorgeous Sky TV presenter. If you wanted to be inspired to see a different side to our beatiful continent then you came to the right place.

Not only are we best travel podcast (don't forget we're sarcastic brits here!), but our website is HUGE. We have everything you might want to know about European travel and hope you get inspired to get out more!

All we want, is for you guys to have a listen and let us know what you think. That's all.

Check us out. [url][/url]


Nick and Opal

Make sure you check out our website to see a different side to Europe. Download Nick and Opal in our fun talk-show weekly.

iPod Traveller | Europe In Your Ears

if you're going to cut and paste your posts between multiple forum boards,

i would suggest you not include specific details at the begining that are prevelent in only one of the boards......

just my suggestion

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argh damn!

We've been caught out! Okay okay, hands up we admit it. But hey, nothing wrong with tryina get a bit of exposure. Apologies to anybody who has had to read our post twice.

We're going to go and publicise it the hard way from now on :(


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not that it has to be hard...

i ctrl+c, ctrl+v with each of the forums in the show threads, but i keep it general to the episode only.....

then just make sure to be an active participant, helping as you can in each of the forums you post to.....

your signature at the bottom of your posts are way more effective in getting new listeners than just posting once a week in the new show threads.....

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Thanks, that's really helpful!


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